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"John Lennon, what do you think about French pop music?"
Lennon replied: "The same as English wine."

VIVE LA FRANCE is a tribute by three European musicians to their country of residence. A tribute dedicated to the history of France and its cultural grandeur.
France is a country of poets, of literature, a country of lovers of words, a country of explorers in the realms of imagination. France is also a country of great composers, even if we have the unfortunate habit of dividing high culture and popular culture. For Das Kapital there is no difference. The jazz of this trio draws as much from the ideas of Ravel, Lully, Pancras-Royer and Satie as Claude Francois, Johnny, Plastic Bertrand not to mention the great singers-storytellers: Brel, Brassens and Barbara.


Das Kapital has an confirmed and recognizable musical language, 16 years of touring and making projects and records has left a sense of each other that ressembles telepathy more than anything else. The sound of Das Kapital is always palpable, even under the most surprising stylistic disguises. The willingness of the three musicians to discover, divert and reinvent the pieces they play always makes you feel like they are playing their own music.

With Vive la France, we want to be unify and be consensual. Not in the intolerant and exclusive sense these two words are often associated with. On the contrary: everyone must be able to find a place in France and in the world, even those with intolerable habits. Long live France really means: long live the multitude, long live the community of individuals. If we are proud of France, it's not because it's the best country in the world, but because that's where we live, that's where we have chosen to live, and that's a country and a people whom we wish a happy future. As in the country of jazz, everyone should be able to choose to belong to France. The country should be proud to be home to people wearing road safety jackets and high-level administrators at the same time. There must be a good place for all. That's it: a place for life. So long live France! .


" Without distinction of class, Das Kapital aligns works composed by Maurice Ravel ("Pavane for a dead infant "), Erik Satie (" Gymnopédie "), Jean-Baptiste Lully (" March for the ceremony of the Turks and Georges Bizet ("L'Arlesienne") with compositions that some would describe as minor. Such as the painful song called "Born To Be Alive", which hurt our ears in the late 70s; or "Come d'habitude” (My Way) with it's sentimental lyrics. French song has a very good place on this disc, with versions of songs by Barbara ("Ma plus belle histoire d’amour "), Georges Brassens ("Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaire"), Jacques Brel (" Ne me quitte pas ") or Charles Trenet ("The sea"). A heritage telling a certain history of France. »(Denis Desassis)


Vive la France is released on Label Bleu in February 2019 on CD and LP - On the vinyl, which is a double, there are three pieces that have not found a place on the CD.



couleurs jazz HITEach piece of the album is a story in itself, where music and ideas intertwine. So it is very difficult not to be sensitive to the charm of Vive la France, a daring and jubilant album. Couleurs Jazz

In the end this "Vive la France" is a beautiful tribute a bit disrespectful, but tonic and welcome. Their work can be compared to the original punk spirit but this time in a jazz version. To listen to with interest. B.Jean / Electrik bamboo

Partisans of indecency and irony, Das Kapital is not content to hoist the colors of the French flag, they mix them up brilliantly. Guy Darol / Jazzmagazine

On "Long live France! "The cheeky and irreverent approach of the trio Das Kapital offers new colors and beautiful contrasts to some pearls of popular and classical French music. These monuments of the French heritage come out exhilarated and invigorated ... as do those who listen to themNicole Videmann /

choc jazzmag

Let's say things in all simplicity: Daniel Erdmann, Hasse Poulsen and Edward Perraud, under their disguise as punks, are lovers of music, all music. par Denis Desassis


This Vivre la France” is so successful that we are waiting impatiently for the continuation of the adventures of Das Kapital.. Thierry Docmac /Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

The unavoidable, Jazz News

Das Kapital convinces once again with its magnified taste for the simple melodies and personal expressiveness of three impressive musicians. Pierre Tenne / Jazznews

The three composers and soloists continue the decompartmentalization of styles, eras, between popular and scholarly music. From key composers, they revisit pieces dating from the Renaissance to the 1980s. A disco tube transformed into blues, the melody sublimated in a Gymnopedia of Erik Satie, the bow of Poulsen caressing the 

elu citizen jazz


strings of his guitar on a verse of Ne me quitte pas ... It's magic! L'Humanité / Fara C

Always followers of the well-timed shift and the random road, they leave us with delightful music, built with crafted care, which despite its funny looks is perfectly learned because performed by those select musicians, non-genre experts, who yield nothing as to the requirements that are theirs since the beginning of the daskapitalesque adventure. Essential.        Yves Dorison /Culture Jazz


The music is splendid from start to finish. Alain Fleche / La Gazette Bleu

The music is re-read and arranged in the Das Kapital sauce for the pleasure of ears and stylistic collisions. Noty a second do we get bored and we await each piece with the thrill of the unexpected, while humming or whistling. Alain Lambert /

Vive la France is a delightful concert (and record) in which Das Kapital mixes classical music, free music, popular music, bop, blues ... in a jubilant cocktail of disrespect and seriousness! Bob Hatteau / Jazz à Babord

We can say that in the case of Das Kapital, France is inspiring and creative, contemporary and universal! Music'actu

oui culture jazz


.. Das Kapital is not afraid to make join impossible opposites. And they are right!Showing once again that Das Kapital is a specialist in musical reconstruction, it is a pleasure to hear so much inventiveness. But, beware, conformism is not the goal of these gentlemen. To our greatest delight ! Philippe Vincent /Jazznicknames

Les chroniques de HiKo

A great bath of libertarian rejuvenation! Jean-Paul Gambier / Clap Coop


Das Kapital does not just hoist the colors of the French flag, they mix them brilliantly. 

 Guy Darol jazzmagazine february 2020.